Viewing service tickets and status

You can view information about service tickets that were manually and automatically submitted to the Lenovo Support Center using Call Home, including the current status and associated service files that were transferred to the Lenovo Support Center, and service tickets that were generated by support services other than Call Home.


To view service tickets in XClarity Administrator, click the Administration > Service and Support, and then click Service Ticket Status in the left navigation to display the Service Ticket Status page.

A service ticket can be in one of the following states:
  • Active

  • Answered

  • Canceled

  • Cancelled

  • Closed

  • Created

  • Error

  • Rejected

  • Initialized

  • Processing

  • Resolved

  • Submitted

  • Unknown


Illustrates the warranty information that is listed for each managed device on the Service and Support page.

What to do next

From the Service Ticket Status page, you can perform the following steps on a selected service ticket.
  • Attach a service file for a specific device to an open service ticket in the Lenovo Support Center (see Attaching a service file to an open service ticket
  • Attach a note to an open service ticket in the Lenovo Support Center by clicking Attach Note.

  • Delete a service ticket by clicking the Delete Problem Records icon (Delete icon).
  • Retrieve the latest information about all open service tickets from the Lenovo Support Center by clicking the Refresh Service List icon (Refresh list icon).
  • Export the status of all service ticket to a CSV file by clicking the Download CSV icon (Export properties icon).