Viewing warranty information

You can determine the warranty status (including extended warranties) of the managed devices.

Before you begin

Lenovo XClarity Administrator must have access to the following URLs to collect warranty information for the managed devices. Ensure that there are no firewalls blocking access to these URLs. For more information, see Firewalls and proxy servers.

You can enable or disable these warranty URLs in XClarity Administrator by clicking All Actions > Configure Warranty Links.

Note: For RackSwitch devise, the Serial Number column shows the entitled serial number.


To view the warranty status of managed devices, complete the following steps.

  1. From the XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Administration > Service and Support.
  2. Click Warranty in the left navigation to display the Warranty page.

    This page contains a table that lists warranty information (such as start date, stop date, and status) for each managed device.

    Illustrates the warranty information that is listed for each managed device on the Service and Support page.

After you finish

From the Warranty page, you can perform the following actions: