Backing up switch-configuration data

You can back up configuration data for a Flex System or RackSwitch switch. When backing up a switch, the configuration data is imported into Lenovo XClarity Administrator from the target switch as a switch-configuration file.


To back up configuration data for a managed switch, complete the following steps.

What to do next

When the backup process is complete, the switch-configuration file is added to the Configuration Files tab on the switch details page.

From this page, you can perform the following actions on selected switch-configuration file:
  • Restore the switch configuration by selecting the switch-configuration file and clicking the Restore configuration data icon (Restore icon).

  • Delete switch configuration files from XClarity Administrator by clicking the Delete icon (Delete icon).

  • Export switch-configuration files to your local system by selecting the files and clicking the Export configuration file icon (Export icon).

  • Import switch-configuration files to XClarity Administrator by clicking the Import configuration file icon (Import icon).