Defining peer VLAG settings

You can configure a VLAG peers using the VLAG Peers Configuration template.


Complete the following steps to create a VLAG Peers Configuration template.

  1. From the XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Provisioning > Switch Configuration Templates. The Switch Configuration Templates page is displayed.
  2. Click VLAG > Peers Configuration in the left navigation, and then click the Create icon (Create icon).
  3. In the Create New Template dialog, specify the following information.
    • Enter a name and description for the template.

    • Choose whether to enable or disable the VLAG.

    • For Peer 1 and Peer 2, complete the following fields. Fields for both peers must be populated.

      • Specify the IIPv4 or IPv6 address of the VLAG peer to use for health check.

      • Specify the ID of the port channel that is used between the two peers. This can be a number from 1 – 4095.

      • Specify the VRF that is used for health check (for example, management, default, or customVRF).

  4. Click Create to save the template, or click Create and Deploy to save and immediately deploy the template to one or more managed rack switches.

    For information about deploying a template, see Deploying switch-configuration templates to a target switch