Deleting VLANs

You can remove VLAN configurations from the switch using the Delete VLAN template.


Complete the following steps to create a Delete VLAN template.

  1. From the XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Provisioning > Switch Configuration Templates. The Switch Configuration Templates page is displayed.
  2. Click VLAN > Delete VLAN in the left navigation, and then click the Create icon (Create icon).
  3. In the Create New Template dialog, specify the following information.
    • Enter a name and description for the template.

    • Specify one ore more VLAN IDs to remove from the port's VLAN membership list. You can specify a list of numbers separated by a comma, a range of numbers separated by a dash, or a combination of both. The values and ranges can be numbers from 1-4096, for example:
      • 10

      • 3,5,7,9

      • 5-10,21-32

      • 2-5,7,9,11-13

      Note: You cannot delete reserved VLAN IDs.
  4. Click Create to save the template, or click Create and Deploy to save and immediately deploy the template to one or more managed rack switches.

    For information about deploying a template, see Deploying switch-configuration templates to a target switch