Resolving expired or invalid stored credentials for a switch

When a stored credential becomes expired or inoperable on a device, the status for that device is shown as Offline.


To resolve an expired or invalid stored credential for a switch, complete the following steps.

  1. From the Lenovo XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Hardware > Switches. The Switches page is displayed with a tabular view of all managed switches.
  2. Click the Power column header to group all offline switches at the top of the table.

    You can sort the table columns to make it easier to find the switch that you want to manage. In addition, you can enter text (such as a system name or IP address) in the Filter field to further filter the switches that are displayed.

    Illustrates the list of managed switches in the Switches page.
  3. Select the switch to be resolved.
  4. Click All Actions > Security > Edit Stored Credentials.
  5. Change the password for the stored credential or select another stored credential to use for the managed device.
    Note: If you managed more than one device using the same stored credentials and you change the password for the stored credentials, that password change affects all devices that are currently using the stored credentials.