Viewing switch-configuration deployment history

You can view information about switch-configuration templates that have been deployed to managed switches, including the template name, template type, timestamp, and the switches to which they were deployed. Each deployment contains a snapshot of the template as it was when it was deployed.


Complete the following steps to view switch-configuration deployment history.

  1. From the XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Provisioning > Switch Configuration Templates. The Switch Configuration Templates page is displayed.
  2. Expand Deployment, and click History in the left navigation to display a table of deployed templates.
    The Status column indicates whether the configuration deployment was successful. It can be one of the following states:
    • Normal status icon Succeeded. Configuration deployment to all target switches completed successfully.

    • Warning status icon Warning. Configuration deployment to one or more target switches completed with warnings.

    • Critical status icon Failed. Configuration deployment to one or more target switches failed.

    Screen capture that shows the switch configuration History page.

What to do next