Cannot log in to managed Flex Power System servers

Use this information to troubleshoot issues when logging in to a managed Flex Power System servers directly - Lenovo XClarity Administrator

If you have a chassis that contains both Flex System and Flex Power System servers, you might not be able to log directly in to the Flex Power System servers due to authentication issues.

When the chassis is managed by XClarity Administrator, the CMM is put into central user management. This means that the user accounts that are defined in the internal or external authentication server are also used to log in to the Chassis Management Module (CMM), and local CMM user accounts are disabled.

To login to the management controller web interface of a managed Flex Power System server, use the RECOVERY_ID account that was created when the chassis was managed by XClarity Administrator. Log in to the CMM using this account, and change the password. (The password must be changed on first access.) After the password is changed, you can log in to the management controller web interface of the Power System node using the RECOVERY_ID account.

If you want to manage a Flex Power System node from an HMC (Hardware Management Console), complete the following steps:
  1. Log in to the management CLI interface using SSH.
  2. Run the following commands to configure the user-authentication method on the CMM to Local then external authentication and to delete and re-create the USERID account.

    env -T mm[p]
    accseccfg –am localldap
    users -n USERID –clear
    users -add -n USERID -p <password> -g Supervisor -ms 0