Cannot recover connectivity of a managed server after replacing the system board

Lenovo XClarity Administrator manages devices using its universally unique identifier (UUID) and UUID-based trusted certificate. For servers, the UUID is stored as part of the vital product data (VPD) on the system board. When you replace the system board, you must transfer the UUID of the replaced system board to the new system board.

Important: It is a best practice to unmanage the server before replacing the system board. You can then remanage the server after the system board is replaced.

To transfer the UUID of the replaced system board to the new system board, complete the following steps.

  1. Obtain the UUID for the server. If the server is not operating, you can obtain the UUID by contacting Support and providing the machine type and serial number, which you can find on one of the server labels.

  2. Change the UUID for a server. See the hardware manual for your device for component replacement and UUID change instructions.

  3. Resolve untrusted certificates for the server.

    1. From the XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Hardware > Server. The All Chassis page is displayed.

    2. Select the server with the replaced part.

    3. Click All Actions > Security > Resolve Untrusted Certificates.

    4. Click Install Certificate.

    XClarity Administrator retrieves the current certificate from the target server and places it in the XClarity Administrator trust store, overriding the previous certificate for that server.

  4. Refresh inventory for the server by clicking All Actions > Inventory > Refresh Inventory.