Encryption password for the data package is lost

You are required to specify an encryption password when you generate a data package for migrating data and settings to another Lenovo XClarity Administrator instance. If the encryption password is lost, you can regenerate the data package.


  1. From the XClarity Administrator v2.x virtual appliance, click Administration > Administration→Shut Down Management Server, and then click Shut Down in the confirmation dialog

  2. Start the XClarity Administrator v1.3.x virtual appliance (see Restarting Lenovo XClarity Administrator). The Export Data and Settings dialog is displayed.

  3. Click the Resume operations icon (Resume icon), and then log in to XClarity Administrator.

  4. Click Administration > Update Management Server to display the Update Management Server page.

  5. Click Export Data and Settings to display the Export Data and Settings dialog.

  6. Click Create data package to generate a package of all data and settings in the XClarity Administrator instance. Specify a password to encrypt the package.

    Generating the data package might take a while. A progress bar shows the status of the job.

    Note: Record the encryption password. The password is needed to import or push the data package to another XClarity Administrator instance.