External LDAP setup issues

Use this information to troubleshoot issues when setting up an external authentication server.

  1. Ensure that the root distinguished name is correct.
  2. Ensure that the Lenovo XClarity Administrator user account is the member of at least one role group. For information about role groups, see Creating a custom role group.
  3. Ensure that the XClarity Administrator role group matches at least one role group on the LDAP server.
  4. If you are using preconfigured server addresses, ensure that the IP address and port number of the server are correct.
  5. Ensure that the DNS configuration settings are correct.
  6. If you are using DNS to discover servers, ensure that the domain name and forest name are correct.
  7. Ensure that the client distinguished name and password are correct
For information about setting up the external authentication server, see Setting up an external LDAP authentication server.