Firmware update to Flex switch failed, indicating an error with the message "Firmware download operation failed."

Use this information to troubleshoot an IOM Reported ***ERROR*** Firmware download operation failed error message in the jobs log. This might occur on EN4023 and FC5022 switches if you are attempting to perform a disruptive update that requires skipping an earlier firmware-update version and jumping directly to the latest.

To work around this problem, update the Flex switch directly from the Flex switch CLI or web interface.

For FC5022, migrating from FOS v7.3 to v8.0.1-pha is a disruptive update. Migrating from FOS v7.4 to FOS v8.0.1-pha is a non disruptive update.

For more information about minimum versions for switch firmware, see Supported firmware and Firmware-update considerations.