VMware deployment causes system hang or restart

During the installation of VMware 5.1u1, 5.1u2, 5.1u3, or 5.5 (any update) onto a managed server, the server might hang or restart.

The hang or restart might occur shortly after the following message:
Loading image.pld

VMware 5.5 requires Memory Mapped I/O (MMIO) space to be configured within the initial 4 GB of the server. Depending on the configuration, certain servers attempt to use memory higher than 4 GB, which can cause a failure.

Complete the following steps to resolve the issue:
Tip: Instead of setting MM Config through the Setup utility that are each server, consider using one of the predefined extended UEFI patterns related to virtualization, which sets the MM Config option to 3 GB and disables the PCI 64-bit resource allocation. For more information about these patterns, see Defining extended UEFI settings.
  1. Restart the system. When Press <F1> Setup is displayed, press F1.
  2. Select System Settings > Devices and I/O Ports.
  3. Change the setting for MM Config from 2 GB to 3 GB.
  4. Ensure that the setting for PCI 64-Bit Resource is set to Disable.
  5. Attempt to install the VMware image again.