Sudden connectivity loss to a device

Use this information to troubleshoot issues when connecting to a single device

  1. If the device that uses a stored credential is offline, verify that the stored credential has not become expired or invalid. If it has become expired or invalid, complete the following steps:
    1. From the all devices page, select the device to be resolved.

    2. Click All Actions > Security > Resolve Stored Credentials.

    3. Change the password for the stored credential or select another stored credential to use for the managed device.

  2. Check the event log for any network events for the device, and resolve those first. For more information about the event log, see Working with events.
  3. Ensure that the network hardware is functioning correctly for the connection path to the device.
  4. Ensure that the correct switch and firewall ports are enabled for the device. For information about required ports, see Port availability.
  5. Ensure that the device has a valid network configuration by logging in to the device and verifying that the IP address is valid for the network. You can also ping the device to test if it is visible on the network.
  6. Attempt to log in directly to the device.