Installing the full-function enablement license

After the 90-day free trial expires, you must purchase and install Lenovo XClarity Pro licenses for all managed devices to continue using operating-system deployment and device-configuration features in Lenovo XClarity Administrator.

Before you begin

You must have lxc-supervisor or lxc-security-admin privileges to install licenses.

For information about purchasing XClarity Administrator licenses, contact your Lenovo representative or authorized business partner.

You can install the licenses without restarting the management server.

Attention: Licenses are installed using activation keys files, in .KEY format. You can no longer purchase and install licenses as License Enablement update packages. You can continue using XClarity Administrator v2.6.0 and earlier with existing active licenses. However, when purchasing new licenses for XClarity Administrator v2.6.0 and earlier, you must upgrade to XClarity Administrator v2.7.0 or later before installing the new licenses.

If you have existing active licenses for XClarity Administrator, new licenses are not required when upgrading to a new release of XClarity Administrator. However, when upgrading to XClarity Administrator v2.7.0 or later from a release prior to v2.7, you must download activation keys for your existing licenses and then install those keys using the procedure below.

About this task

XClarity Administrator supports the following license.
  • Lenovo XClarity Pro. This license provides the following entitlements for a single device.
    • Service and support for Lenovo XClarity Integrator

    • Service and support for XClarity Administrator

    • Advanced functions within XClarity Administrator:

      • Configuring servers using Configuration Patterns

      • Deploying operating systems

      • Reporting XClarity Administrator problems using Call Home (Call Home for hardware alerts is not affected.)

You must purchase a license for each managed device that supports the advanced functions. A license is not tied to a specific device.

Licenses are installed using a license activation key. After you redeem licenses, you can create an activation key for all or a subset of your available licenses, and then download and install the activation key in XClarity Administrator.

The activation period starts when the licenses are redeemed.

License compliance is determined based on the number of managed device that supports the advanced functions. The number of managed devices must not exceed the total number of licenses in all active license keys. If XClarity Administrator is not in compliance with the installed licenses (for example, if licenses expire or if managing additional devices exceeds the total number of active licenses), you have a grace period of 90 days to install appropriate licenses. Each time XClarity Administrator becomes non-compliant, the grace period resets to 90 days.

If you are using a free trial license or you have a grace period to become compliant, and you upgrade to a later version of XClarity Administrator, the trial license or grace period resets to 90 days.

If licenses are already installed, new licenses are not required when upgrading to a new release of XClarity Administrator.

When upgrading XClarity Administrator or if an error condition occurs that requires you to restore the activation keys, you can either use exported activation keys or download all activation keys (for each customer ID) from the Features on Demand web portal, and then import the activation keys (either as individual activation keys or collectively as a key ZIP file) into XClarity Administrator.

You can determine the license status, including the number of days are left in the trial license, by clicking the user-actions menu (Resources icon) on the XClarity Administrator title bar, and then clicking About.

You can view a list of your current software licenses from the Features on Demand web portal.


To install Lenovo XClarity Pro licenses, complete the following steps.

  1. Contact your Lenovo representative or authorized Business Partner to purchase licenses based on the functions that you want to enable and the number of devices that you want to manage.

    After purchasing licenses, an authorization code is sent to you in an electronic proof of entitlement email. You can also retrieve the authorization code from the Features on Demand web portal by clicking Retrieve authorization code. If you do not receive the email and you purchased licenses through a Business Partner, contact your Business Partner to request the authorization code.

    The authorization code is a 22-character alphanumeric string. You need the authorization code to complete the next step.

  2. Retrieve the activation keys for the licenses.
    • Creating activation keys from an authorization code

      1. Open the Features on Demand web portal from a web browser, and log in to the portal using your email address as your user ID.

      2. Click Request activation key.

      3. Select Input a Single Authorization Code.

      4. Enter the 22-character authorization code, and click Continue.

      5. Enter your Lenovo customer number in the Lenovo Customer Number field.

      6. Enter the number of licenses that you want to redeem in the Redeem Quantity field, and then click Continue.

        To redeem all the available licenses in this key, match the number in Available licenses field.

        If you redeem a subset of available licenses, you can redeem the remaining licenses in another activation key using the same authorization code.

        Tip: Each XClarity Administrator supports up to 1,000 managed devices. Therefore, a single activation key that you install in an XClarity Administrator instance should not have more than 1,000 licenses.

      7. Follow the prompts to enter product details and contact information, and click Continue to generate the activation key.

      8. Optionally specify additional recipients to receive the activation keys.

      9. Click Submit to send the activation keys.

        The person assigned to the purchase order and the additional recipients will receive an email with the activation key. The activation key is a file in .KEY format.

        Note: You can also download activation keys (individually or in batch) from the Features on Demand web portal by clicking Download link.
    • Downloading existing activation keys

      1. Open the Features on Demand web portal from a web browser, and log in to the portal using your email address as your user ID.

      2. Click Retrieve History.

      3. Select “Search history via Lenovo Customer Number” as the Search type.

      4. Enter your Lenovo Customer number in the Search Value field. The customer number format is 121XXXXXXX.

      5. Click Select all to download all activation keys or select individual activation keys from the list.

      6. Click Email to email the keys to you, or click Download to download the keys to your local system.

  3. Install the licenses in XClarity Administrator.
    1. From the XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Administration > Licenses to display the License Management page.

      Illustrates the Update Management Server page with an imported license update.
    2. Click the Import and Apply icon (Import icon) to install the licenses.

    3. Click Browse to select the activation key file for the licenses that you want to install.

      Tip: To import multiple activation keys, compress the .KEY files into a ZIP file, and select the ZIP file for import.
    4. Click Accept License to import and apply the licenses.

      When the installation is complete, the license activation key is listed in the table with the number of installed licenses and the activation period (start and expiration dates).

What to do next

You can perform the following actions from the Licenses page.
  • Download one or more specific license keys to the local system by clicking the Export icon (Export icon).

    Note: When you export multiple activation keys, the files are downloaded as a single ZIP file.
  • Delete a specific license keys by clicking the Delete icon (Delete icon).

  • Configure the license-warning period by clicking the Edit button at the top of the page. The license-warning period is the number of days before licenses expire when XClarity Administrator triggers a warning.

Getting help