Installing the full-function enablement license

After the 90-day free trial expires, you must purchase and install the full-function enablement license to continue using operating-system deployment and device-configuration features in Lenovo XClarity Administrator.

Before you begin

You can install the latest enablement license without restarting the management server; however, installing older licenses requires the management server to restart during the license installation process.

Ensure that no jobs are currently running before installing older licenses. You can view a list of currently running jobs from the Jobs log (see Monitoring jobs).

About this task

Lenovo XClarity Pro provides entitlement to service and support and the full-function-enablement license that provides access to the following XClarity Administrator functions. For more information about purchasing Lenovo XClarity Pro, contact your Lenovo representative or authorized business partner.
  • Configure servers using Configuration Patterns

  • Configure switches using switch-configuration templates

  • Deploy operating systems

  • Report problems XClarity Administrator issues using Call Home

If the full-function-enablement license is already installed, a new license is not required when upgrading to a new release of XClarity Administrator.

You can view a list of your current software licenses from the Lenovo Support portal.


To install the XClarity Administrator enablement license, complete the following steps.

  1. Contact your Lenovo representative or authorized Business Partner for information about purchasing Lenovo XClarity Pro.

    After purchasing Lenovo XClarity Pro, the person assigned to the purchase order will receive an electronic proof of entitlement email advising of the purchase with an attached authorization-code file. If you do not receive the email and you ordered through a Business Partner, contact your Business Partner to request the authorization codes.

  2. Register the authorization code.
    1. Open the Features on Demand portal from a web browser, and log in to the portal using your registered user ID that was specified in the email.

    2. Click Request activation key.

    3. Enter the authorization code that was provided in the file that was attached to the email, and click Continue to retrieve the activation key.

      The person assigned to the purchase order will receive an email confirming registration.

      Within 24 hours of receiving the confirmation email, one or two additional emails will be sent, including a proof of entitlement and electronic software delivery welcome letter. The welcome letter contains instructions for obtaining the physical license files that need to be installed in XClarity Administrator

  3. Download the license.
    1. Open the Lenovo Download and Licensing Center portal from a web browser, and log in to the portal using your registered user ID that was specified in the email.

    2. From the Product Information page, locate Lenovo XClarity Pro in the table, and click Download Log in the last column.

    3. From the Software Terms and Conditions page, click I Agree.

    4. From the Product Download page, select Lenovo XClarity Administrator License Enablement Files, and click Download Selected Files to save the files to the local system.

  4. Install the license in XClarity Administrator.
    1. From the XClarity Administrator main menu, click Administration > Update Management Server to display the Management Server Update page.
      Illustrates the Update Management Server page with an imported license update.

    2. Import the license:

      1. From the Management Server Update page, click the Import icon (Import icon),

      2. Click Select Files, and browse to the location of the license package on the workstation.

      3. Select all package files, and then click Open.

        You must import the .metadata file (.xml) as well as the image or payload file (.zip, .bin, .uxz, or .tgz), change history file (.chg), and readme file (.txt) for the update. Any files that are selected but are not specified in the .XML file are discarded. If you do not include the XML file, the update is not imported.

      4. Click the Import.

        When the import is complete, the license is listed in the table on the Management Server Update page, and the Download Status is "Downloaded."

    3. Select the license that you want to install.

      Note: Ensure that Download Status is ""Downloaded" and the Type is "License Enablement."
    4. Click the Perform Update icon (Perform update icon), and then click Restart.

    5. Click Accept License to continue.

    6. Determine if the update is complete by refreshing the web browser.

      When completed, the "Management Server Update" is displayed, and the Applied Status column changes to "Applied."

    7. Clear the web browser cache.

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