Unlocking a user

You can unlock a user account that is locked out of Lenovo XClarity Administrator. A user account can become temporarily locked if the user attempts too many logins that are not valid.

About this task

The user-account security settings control the amount of time that must pass before a user that was locked out can attempt to log back in again. If the Lockout period after maximum login failures setting is set to 0, the user account remains locked until the administrator explicitly unlocks it. For more information about the lockout period for maximum login failures, see Changing the user-account security settings.

You can also permanently disable or enable a user account. For more information, see Enabling or disabling a user.

Note: You must have Supervisor authority to unlock a user account.
Tip: You can use XClarity Administrator to unlock user accounts that are managed using the local authentication server. You cannot unlock user accounts in an external authentication server by using the XClarity Administrator.


To unlock a user account, complete the following steps.