Restarting XClarity Administrator

You can restart Lenovo XClarity Administrator from the web interface or from the hypervisor after a shutdown.

Before you begin

You must have lxc-supervisor or lxc-admin authority to restart XClarity Administrator.

Ensure that no jobs are currently running. Any jobs that are currently running are canceled during the restart process. To view the jobs log, see Monitoring jobs.

About this task

There are certain situations when you are required to restart Lenovo XClarity Administrator:
  • When regenerating a server certificate
  • When uploading a new server certificate


Complete one of the following procedures to restart Lenovo XClarity Administrator.

After you finish

When Lenovo XClarity Administrator restarts, it recollects inventory for each managed device. Wait approximately 30-45 minutes, depending upon the number of managed devices, before attempting firmware updates, configuration pattern deployments, or operating-system deployments.