Summary of changes in the REST API for v2.7.0

Lenovo XClarity Administrator v2.7.0 supports enhancements to the Open REST API.

This documentation includes new methods and parameters that apply to the current XClarity Administrator release and later. If you are using an earlier release of XClarity Administrator, you can use the REST API Reference PDF for a list of methods and parameters that apply to that specific release. To find PDFs for the release that you need, see PDF files.

The following methods were added or updated in this release.
  • Virtual appliance management

  • Management-server update resources

  • Discovery and management resources

  • Inventory resources

    • (New) GET /inventory/licensedDevices. Retrieves the number of devices that are currently managed by XClarity Administrator.
    • GET /switches and GET /switches/<UUID_list>. Added the accessStateRecords attribute to return information about each access-state record, which includes the number of protocols on number of network interfaces that are available to the device.
    • GET /nodes. Added the mgmtProcType query parameter that returns a response that includes servers with the specified baseboard management controller.
  • OS deployment resources

    • GET /hostPlatforms. Added the port status to the MAC address label response parameter.
    • GET /osImages. Added the isCustomizedISO response parameter to indicate whether the OS image is a custom or base image.