This cmdlet modifies properties for a specific stored credential.

Note: You cannot pipe objects to this cmdlet.


Set-LXCAStoredCredential [-Connection LXCAConnection] 
                         [-Description String]
                          -Id String
                         [-Password SecureString]
                         [-UserName String]


-Connection LXCAConnection
Specifies the connection to the Lenovo XClarity Administrator server. If no connection is specified, the result from the last Connect-LXCA cmdlet is used.
-Description String
Specifies the new description of the stored credential.
-Id String
Specifies the ID of a specific stored credential to be modified.
-Password SecureString
Specifies the new password of the stored credential.
-UserName String
Specifies the new user ID of the stored credential.
Note: You cannot change a user name if the stored credential is associated with one or more devices. Any attempt to change the user name for a stored credential that is currently in use will throw an exception Internal Server Error.
This cmdlet supports the following common parameters: -Verbose, -Debug, -ErrorAction, -ErrorVariable, -WarningAction, -WarningVariable, -OutBuffer, -PipelineVariable, -OutVariable. For detailed information about each common parameter, see the Microsoft PowerShell Common Parameters webpage.


This cmdlet returns a StoredCredentialData object.


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