configpatterns import

This command creates a new server and category pattern.


configpatterns import  -h

configpatterns import [-p <pattern_JSON>] [-v <filter>]


{-h | --help}
Displays the syntax and brief usage information for this command.
{-p | --pattern_update_dict} <pattern_JSON>
Specifies the server and category pattern to be imported. This must be a correctly formatted JSON of the configuration pattern that you want to import. Use JSON from a configuration pattern of the same type of pattern that you want to import using configpatterns list.
The format of the request changes depending on the type of configuration pattern (for example, server or system information) that is being imported. For information about the format for each category pattern, see the following topics in the REST API online documentation:
{-v | --view} <filter>
Identifies the view to use for the returned data. If a filter is not specified, the default view is used.

You can also create custom views (see Creating custom views).


The following example returns information about a specific server pattern.

connect --url --user ADMIN -noverify 
configpatterns import -p '{"template_type":"SystemInfo","template":{"contact":"contact",
                           "description":"Pattern A","location":"location",

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