configprofiles activate

This command activates a server profile on a replaced, reassigned, or newly installed and managed server.


configprofiles activate  -h

configprofiles activate  -i <profile_ID> -e <server_UUID> -r <activation_time> 
                        [-v <filter>]


{-h | --help}
Displays the syntax and brief usage information for this command.
{-i | --id} <profile_ID>
Specifies the ID of the server profile. If an ID is not specified, all server profiles are returned.
{-e | --endpoint} <server_UUID>
Specifies the UUIDs of one or more target servers. If a target is an empty bay, specify the location ID; otherwise, specify the server UUID.
{-r | --restart} <activation_time>
Identifies when to activate the configurations. This can be one of the following values:.
  • defer. Activate management-controller settings but do not restart the server. UEFI and server settings are activated after the next restart of the server.

  • immediate. Activate all settings and restart the server immediately.

{-v | --view} <filter>
Identifies the view to use for the returned data. If a filter is not specified, the default view is used.

You can also create custom views (see Creating custom views).


The following example activates a profile on a single device and defers activation until the next reboot.

connect --url --user ADMIN --noverify
configprofiles activate -i 121 –e "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA_bay3" –r defer

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