This command creates a connection (logs in) to the Lenovo XClarity Administrator server that can be used by other commands.

Use the disconnect command to log out of the XClarity Administrator server.


connect  -h

connect  -l <HTTPS_addresss> -u <user_ID> [––noverify]


{-h | --help}
Displays the syntax and brief usage information for this command.
{-l | --url} <HTTPS_addresss>
Specifies the HTTPS address (IP address or hostname) for the XClarity Administrator server (for example,
{-u | --user} <user_ID>
Specifies the user ID for logging in to the XClarity Administrator server.

You are prompted to input the password. Password is entered in a non-verbose mode.

Does not verify the XClarity Administrator server certificate. If this option is not specified, the server certificate is verified when the connection is made.


The following example connects to the XClarity Administrator server using the HTTPS address and user ID USER1.

connect --url --user USER1 --noverify

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