This command discovers manageable devices using SLP discovery.

This command starts a job to perform the discover action. If successful, the job ID is returned. You can use the job ID in the tasks -j or discover -j command to determine the status of the job.


discover  -h

discover  -i <IP_address>

discover  -j <job_ID>


{-h | --help}
Displays the syntax and brief usage information for this command.
{-i | --ip} <IP_address>
Specifies the IP addresses of one or more devices to be discovered. Separate each IP address using a comma.
{-j | --job} <job_ID>
Specifies the job ID. If specified, this command returns status information about the specified job.
{-v | --view} <filter>
Identifies the view to use for the returned data. If a filter is not specified, the default view is used.

You can also create custom views (see Creating custom views).


The following example discovers devices with the specified IP addresses.
connect --url --user ADMIN 
discover -i,
The following example retrieves status information about the specified discovery job.
connect --url --user ADMIN --noverify
discover -j 22

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