This command sets or retrieves the current log level for the PyLXCA toolkit.


log  -h

log  [-l <level>]


{-h | --help}
Displays the syntax and brief usage information for this command.
{-l | --lvl} <level>
Sets the log level. You can specify one of the following values:
  • DEBUG. Displays detailed information, typically of interest only when diagnosing problems.

  • INFO. Displays information that confirms that things are working as expected.

  • WARNING. Displays information that indicates that something unexpected happened or that a problem might occur soon.

  • ERROR. Displays information about serious problems, indicating that the software cannot perform a function.

  • CRITICAL. Displays information about serious errors, indicating that the program itself might be unable to continue running.

When you choose a severity level, messages at that severity level and all lower severity levels are returned. For example, if you specify WARNING, all WARNING, INFO, and DEBUG messages are returned.


The following example retrieves the current log level.
connect --url --user ADMIN  --noverify
The following example sets the current log level to warning and lower.
connect --url --user ADMIN  -noverify
log -l WARNING

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