updatepolicy query

This command retrieves detailed information about specific firmware-compliance policies.


updatepolicy query -h

updatepolicy query [-i <information_type>] [-v <filter>]


{-h | --help}
Displays the syntax and brief usage information for this command.
{-i | --info} <information_type>
Specifies the type of information to return. This can be one of the following values.
  • firmware. Returns information about firmware that is applicable to each managed device

  • results. Returns persisted compare result for servers to which a compliance policy is assigned

  • namelist. Returns information about all compliance policies.

{-v | --view} <filter>
Identifies the view to use for the returned data. If a filter is not specified, the default view is used.

You can also create custom views (see Creating custom views).


The following example returns information about firmware updates that are applicable to each managed device.

connect --url --user ADMIN --noverify
updatepolicy query –i firmware

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