updaterepo query

This command retrieves information about firmware updates in the firmware-updates repository.


updaterepo query -h

updaterepo query -k <update_type> [-m <machine_types>] [-s <scope>] [-v <filter>]


{-h | --help}
Displays the syntax and brief usage information for this command.
{-k | --keys} <update_type>
Returns specific information about the firmware update. You can specify one of the following values.
  • importDir. Returns the import directory for the repository.

  • lastRefreshed. Returns the timestamp of the last repository refresh.

  • publicKeys. Returns the supported keys (actions) for this parameter.

  • size. Returns the repository size.

  • supportedMts. Returns a list of all device types for which the firmware-updates function is supported.

  • updates. Returns information about all firmware updates in the repository.

  • updatesByMt. Returns information about firmware updates organized by device type.

{–m | --mt} <machine_types>
Specifies a list of machine types, separated by a comma.
{–s | --scope} <scope>
Specifies the scope of the operation when –keys is set to updates or updatesByMt. This can be one of the following values.
  • all. (default) Returns information about all firmware updates.

  • latest. Returns information about only the most current firmware updates

{-v | --view} <filter>
Identifies the view to use for the returned data. If a filter is not specified, the default view is used.

You can also create custom views (see Creating custom views).


The following example returns information about all firmware updates by machine type.

connect --url --user ADMIN --noverify
updatepolicy query –k updatesByMt

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