POST /discoverRequest

Use the POST method to discover manageable devices. The response header includes a URI that is associated with a job that indicates that a task was started.


Authentication with user name and password is required.

Request URL

POST https://<management_server_IP>/discoverRequest

Query parameters


Request body

Attributes Required / Optional Type Description
ipAddresses Required Array of strings List of IP addresses for each device to be discovered

Request example


Response codes

Code Description
200 OK.
400 Bad request.
403 Forbidden.
404 Not found.
409 Conflict.
500 Internal server error.

Response header

If this POST method results in a job getting started, the response header includes a URI in the form /discoverRequest/jobs/{job_id} (for example, /discoverRequest/jobs/12) that represents the job that is monitored by the management server. You can use GET /discoverRequest/jobs/<job_id> to determine the status of the job. If a job was not successfully started, refer to the response code and response body for details.

Note: A successful response indicates that the request was successfully transmitted and accepted by the management server. It does not indicate that the operation that is associated with the job was successful.

Response body