GET /encapsulationSettings

Use the GET method to retrieve information about the global encapsulation setting that is used during device management.


Authentication with user name and password is required.

Request URL

GET https://<management_server_IP>/encapsulationSettings

Query parameters


Request body


Response codes

Code Description
200 OK. The request completed successfully.
403 Forbidden. The server could not authenticate this session.
404 Not found. The user was not found.
500 Internal server error.

Response body

Attributes Type Description
encapsulationEnabled Boolean Indicates whether encapsulation is enabled during device management. This can be one of the following values.
  • true. Encapsulation is enabled.

    When the global encapsulation setting is enabled and the device supports encapsulation, XClarity Administrator communicates with the device during the management process to change the device encapsulation mode to "encapsulationLite" and to change the firewall rules on the device to limit incoming requests to those only from XClarity Administrator.

    Important: For additional considerations, see /encapsulationSettings.
  • false. Encapsulation is disabled.

    The global encapsulation setting is disabled by default. When disabled, the device encapsulation mode is set to "normal" and the firewall rules are not changed as part of the management process.

Response example

   "encapsulationEnabled": true