GET /events/activeAlerts/summary

Use the GET method to retrieve the severity and messages for active alert. If no query parameters are specified, all active alerts are returned.


Authentication with user name and password is required.

Request URL

GET https://<management_server_IP>/events/activeAlerts/summary

Query parameters

Parameters Required / Optional Description
filterWith=<filter> Optional Returns only the active alerts that apply to the specified filters (see Filtering events)
type=excluded Optional Returns only exclude active alerts
The following example returns the severity and messages for all excluded active alerts:

Response codes

Code Description
200 OK.
400 Bad request.
401 Unauthorized.
404 Not found.
500 Internal server error.

Response body

Attributes Type Description
severity String Severity. This can be one of the following values.
  • 100. Unknown. The severity is unknown.
  • 200. Informational. Informational
  • 300. Warning. User can decide if action is needed.
  • 400. Minor. Action is needed, but the situation is not serious at this time.
  • 500. Major. Action is needed now.
  • 600. Critical. Action is needed now and the scope is broad (perhaps an imminent outage to a critical resource will result).
  • 700. Fatal. A non-recoverable error has occurred.
msg String Event message string. This is provided in the language requested if translation is supported. If translation is not supported, the message as received in the event will be provided, in whatever language the product provided at time of event (typically this is English).

Response example

    "severity": 300,
    "msg":"Power supply Power Supply 02 is off. Input fault."