GET /events/monitors?format=currentFormat&id=<monitor_id>

Use the GET method to retrieve the current format of the output for a specific event forwarder.

For the format of the email subject for a specific event forwarder for a email service, see GET /events/monitors?format=currentSubjectFormat&id=<monitor_id>.


Authentication with user name and password is required.

Request URL

GET https://<management_server_IP>/events/monitors?format=currentFormat&id=<monitor_id>

where <monitor_id> is the ID of the event forwarder. To obtain the filter ID, use the GET /events/monitors method.

Query parameters


Request body


Response codes

Code Description
200 OK
400 Bad request
401 Unauthorized.
500 Internal server error

Response body

Attributes Type Description
<monitor_id> String List of attributes (format keys) in the output format of the specified event forwarder

Text between double square brackets are the attributes that which are replaced with actual values. For a description of each attribute, use GET /events/monitors?format=formatKeys.

Response example

The following example is returned for an event forwarder for a email service.

   "1507301877371": "Alert: [[EventDate]] [[EventMessage]]\n
                     Hardware Information:\n 
                      Managed Endpoint    : [[DeviceHardwareType]] at [[DeviceIPAddress]]\n 
                      Device name         : [[DeviceName]]\n 
                      Product name        : [[DeviceProductName]]\n 
                      Host name           : [[DeviceHostName]]\n 
                      Machine Type        : [[DeviceMachineType]]\n 
                      Machine Model       : [[DeviceMachineModel]]\n 
                      Serial Number       : [[DeviceSerialNumber]]\n 
                      DeviceHealthStatus  : [[DeviceHealthStatus]]\n 
                      IPv4 addresses      : [[DeviceIPV4Addresses]]\n 
                      IPv6 addresses      : [[DeviceIPV6Addresses]]\n 
                      Chassis             : [[DeviceChassisName]]\n 
                      DeviceBays          : [[DeviceBays]]\n
                     LXCA is: [[ManagementServerIP]]\n
                     Event Information:\n  
                       Event ID        : [[EventID]]\n  
                       Common Event ID : [[CommonEventID]]\n  
                       EventSeverity   : [[EventSeverity]]\n  
                       Event Class     : [[EventClass]]\n  
                       Sequence ID     : [[EventSequenceID]]\n  
                       Event Source ID : [[EventSourceUUID]]\n  
                       Component ID    : [[EventComponentUUID]]\n  
                       Serial Num      : [[EventSerialNumber]]\n  
                       MTM             : [[EventMachineTypeModel]]\n  
                       EventServices   : [[EventServices]]\n  
                       Console link    : [[ConsoleLink]]\n  
                       iOS link        : [[iOSLink]]\n  
                       Android link    : [[AndroidLink]]\n  
                       System Name     : [[DeviceFullPathName]]\n"