GET /events/monitors?format=currentSubjectFormat&id=<monitor_id>

Use the GET method to retrieve the current format of the email subject for a specific event forwarder for an email service.

For the output (forwarded event) format for a specific event forwarder, see GET /events/monitors?format=currentFormat&id=<monitor_id>.


Authentication with user name and password is required.

Request URL

GET https://<management_server_IP>/events/monitors?format=currentSubjectFormat&id=<monitor_id>

where <monitor_id> is the ID of the event forwarder. To obtain the filter ID, use the GET /events/monitors method.

Query parameters


Request body


Response codes

Code Description
200 OK
400 Bad request
401 Unauthorized.
500 Internal server error

Response body

Attributes Type Description
<monitor_id> String Format of the email subject

Text between double square brackets are the attributes that which are replaced with actual values. For a description of each attribute, use GET /events/monitors?format=formatKeys.

Response example

The following example is a event forwarder for an email service.

   "1507301877371": "[[DeviceName]]-[[EventMessage]]"