Use this method to return a set of sample metrics for all servers and Flex System storage devices.

Attention: This REST API will be deprecated in a future release. Use GET /metrics_service/metrics/servers instead.
The following sample metrics are retrieved. Each sample is represented in terms of when the sample was taken (timeStamp) and the value of the sample (metricValue).
  • Minimum System Input Power
  • Maximum System Input Power
  • Average System Input Power
  • Minimum System Output Power
  • Maximum System Output Power
  • Average System Output Power
  • Average Inlet Air Temperature
  • Cooling SubSystem Air Flow
  • Outlet Air Temperature
  • Minimum effective CPU speed
  • Maximum effective CPU speed
  • Average effective CPU speed
  • Minimum Memory Subsystem Power
  • Maximum Memory Subsystem Power
  • Average Memory Subsystem Power
  • Inlet Air Temperature

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