PUT /nodes/<UUID>/mediaMount/<UID>

Use this PUT method to unmount specific media that was previously mounted to a specific server.

  • This API is not supported for ThinkServer servers. To unmount media from a ThinkServer server, use the PUT /nodes/<UUID>/mediaMount method.

  • This API requires Lenovo XClarity Administrator v2.4.0 or later.


Authentication with user name and password is required.

Request URL

PUT https://<management_server_IP>/nodes/<UUID>/mediaMount/<UID>
  • <UUID> is the UUID of a server. To obtain the server UUID, use the GET /nodes method.

  • <UID> is the UID of the mounted media. To obtain the mounted-media UID, use the GET /nodes/<UUID>/mediaMount method.

Query parameters


Request body

Attributes Required / Optional Type Description
action Required String Unmounts an image when unmount is specified

Request example

This example unmounts the specified media from the specified server.
   "action": "unmount",

Response codes

Code Description
200 OK
400 Bad request. One or more required attributes are missing or have no value.
401 Unauthorized. Authentication has not been provided or has failed.
403 Forbidden. The server cannot to fulfill the request.

Response body

Attributes Type Description
statusCode Integer Return code
statusDescription String Description of the return code
messages Array of objects Information about one or more messages
  explanation String Additional information to clarify the reason for the message
  id String Message identifier of a returned message
  recovery String Recovery information
  recoveryURL String Link to the help system for more information about how to recover, if available
  text String Message text associated with the message identifier

Response example

   "statusCode": 403,
   "statusDescription": "The request is forbidden by server.",
   "messages": [{
      "explanation": "The mount media request to the endpoint has been rejected..",
      "id": "FQXDM0403N",
      "recovery": "Verify the request and make sure it is allowed by server."
      "recoveryUrl": "",
      "text": "The request is forbidden by server