DELETE /osImages/remoteFileServers/{id}

Use this method delete a specific remote file-server profile.

Note: This REST API requires Lenovo XClarity Administrator v1.3.0 or later.


Authentication with user name and password is required.

Request URL

DELETE https://{management_server_IP}/osImages/remoteFileServers/{id}

where {id} is the ID of an remote file-server profile. To obtain the ID, use the GET /osImages/remoteFileServers method.

Query parameters


Request body


Response codes

Code Description Comments
204 No Content The request completed successfully, but no response content is returned (for example, a successful DELETE request).
403 Forbidden The orchestrator server was prevented from fulfilling the request. A descriptive error message is returned in the response body. Ensure that you have privileges to perform the request.

For XClarity Administrator advanced functions, ensure that you have active licenses for each managed server that supports the advanced functions.

404 Not found A specified resource cannot be found. A descriptive error message is returned in the response body.
500 Internal Server Error An internal error occurred. A descriptive error message is returned in the response body.

Response body

Attributes Type Description
result String Results of the request. This can be one of the following values.
  • success. The request completed successfully.
  • failed. The request failed. A descriptive error message was returned.
  • warning. The request completed with a warning. A descriptive error message was returned.
messages Array of objects Information about one or more messages
  id String Message identifier of a returned message
  text String Message text associated with the message identifier
  explanation String Additional information to clarify the reason for the message
  recovery Array of objects Recovery information
    text String User actions that can be taken to recover from the event
    URL String Link to the help system for more information, if available
The following example is returned if the request is successful.
   "result": "success",
   "messages": [{
      "id": "FQXHMSE0001I",
      "explanation": "",
      "recovery": {
         "text": "Informationonly;noactionisrequired.",
         "URL": ""
      "text": "Therequestcompletedsuccessfully."