Extended ThinkSystem SR635/SR655 BIOS pattern attributes

The following attributes provide information about an extended-BIOS settings for ThinkSystem SR635 and SR655 server category pattern.

These attributes can be included in the request body for the POST /patterns method and the response body for the GET /patterns/<id>/includeSettings method.

The settings that are available are dynamic and vary from server to server and adapter to adapter. The following table lists examples of some possible settings.

Attributes Type Description
template_type String Type of category pattern. This value is always "ExtendedSR635_SR655BIOS."
template Array Information about the system-information category pattern
  type String Type of category pattern. This value is always "ExtendedSR635_SR655BIOS."
  name String Category-pattern name
  description String Category-pattern description
  uri String URI Identifier for the exported pattern
  userDefined String Identifies whether the category pattern is user define or learned. This can be one of the following values.
  • true. The pattern is defined by the user.
  • false. The pattern is predefined by Lenovo.
  Attributes Array Information about BIOS attributes that are specific to the manufacturer or provider
  RegistryEntries Object Information about BIOS attributes and metadata
    Attributes Array of objects  
      AttributeName String  
      DefaultValue Integer  
      DisplayName String  
      HelpText String  
      LowerBound Integer  
      ReadOnly Boolean  
      ScalarIncrement Integer  
      Type String  
      UpperBound Integer  
    Dependencies Array List of dependencies of attributes on this component
    Menus Array List of attributes menus and their hierarchy


   "template_type": "ExtendedSR635_SR655BIOS",
   "template": {
      "name": "Learned-ExtendedSR635_SR655BIOS-1",
      "description": "Pattern created from server:\n
                      Learned on: Nov 12, 2019, 1:33:30 AM",
      "type": "ExtendedSR635_655BIOS",
      "RegistryEntries": {
         "Menus": [],
         "Attributes": [
               "AttributeName": "Q00307 Preferred IO Device",
               "DefaultValue": 0,
               "DisplayName": "Preferred IO Device",
               "HelpText": "Specify the PCI bus, device, and function number of the target device 
                            that will have high priority. This function is not intended to replace 
                            Relaxed Ordering (RO) or ID-Based Ordering (IDO). For the 6-digit entry, 
                            it is decoded as:  [23:16]=Bus Number in hex  [15: 8]=Device Number in hex  
                            [ 7: 0]=Function Number in hex",
               "LowerBound": 0,
               "ReadOnly": false,
               "ScalarIncrement": 0,
               "Type": "Integer",
               "UpperBound": 65535
               "AttributeName": "Q00186 Media detect count",
               "DisplayName": "Media detect count",
               "HelpText": "Number of times the presence of media will be checked. Use either +/- or 
                            numeric keys to set the value.",
               "ReadOnly": false,
               "Type": "Integer",
               "UpperBound": 50,
               "LowerBound": 1,
               "ScalarIncrement": 1,
               "DefaultValue": 1
         "Dependencies": []
      "Attributes": {
         "Q00001 Boot Mode": "UEFI only",
         "Q00186 Media detect count": 1 
      "uri": "/config/template/46",
      "userDefined": true