GET /switches/configurationData

Use this GET method to retrieve information about all configuration-data files for all managed RackSwtich and Flex System switches.

Note: This API requires Lenovo XClarity Administrator v1.4.0 or later.


Authentication with user name and password is required.

Request URL

GET https://<management_server_IP>/switches/configurationData

Query parameters


Request body


Response codes

Code Description
200 OK
400 Bad request
403 Forbidden
409 Conflict
500 Internal server error

Response body

Attributes Type Description
switches Array of objects Information about configuration-back files for the switches.
  configurationData Array of objects Information about each configuration-data file.
    comment String Comment about the configuration-data file
    date String Date when the configuration-data file was created.
    fileId String ID of the configuration-data file
    filename String Name of the configuration-data file
    fwVersion String Version of firmware that is running on the switch
    size String Size of the configuration-data file
    switchUuid String UUID of the switch
  hostname String Hostname for the switch
  ipAddress String IP address of the switch
  type String Type of switch
  uuid String UUID of the switch

Response example

   "switches": [{
      "configurationData": [{
         "comment": "comment2",
         "date": "2017-03-06T01:47:57Z",
         "fileId": "hwpdo"
         "filename": "config2.cfg",
         "fwVersion": "",
         "size": "11375",
         "switchUuid": "00000000000010008000A897DCF89800"
         "comment": "comment1",
         "date": "2017-03-06T01:45:25Z",
         "fileId": "ihwdZ",
         "filename": "config1.cfg",
         "fwVersion": "",
         "size": "11375",
         "switchUuid": "00000000000010008000A897DCF89800"
      "hostname": "G8296_CNOS",
      "ipAddress": "",
      "type": "LENOVO G8296",
      "uuid": "00000000000010008000A897DCF89800"