Defining extended port settings

Extended port settings are learned and dynamically created from a specific managed server. Lenovo XClarity Administrator creates these patterns when you create a server pattern from an existing server. You cannot manually create extended port patterns; however, you can copy and modify the patterns that have already been created.

About this task

XClarity Administrator provides the following predefined extended port pattern:
  • Virtual fabric balanced Ethernet. Lenovo supplied port pattern for Virtual Fabric mode vNIC mode, Ethernet only

Some device-level settings on Mellanox and Broadcom I/O adapters must be set to the same value on all ports. If the settings are set to different values on different ports, the settings for one port will be used, and the settings for other ports will be out of compliance. To resolve the non-compliance issue, select the same value for those device level settings.

For Mellanox I/O adapters, the following settings must be set to the same value on all ports.
  • Advanced power settings

  • PCI Virtual Functions Advertised

  • Slot power limiter

  • Virtualization Mode

For Broadcom I/O adapters, the following settings must be set to the same value on all ports.
  • Banner Message Timeout

  • BW Limit

  • BW Limit Valid

  • BW Reservation

  • BW Reservation Valid

  • Enable PME Capability

  • Maximum Number of PF MSI-X Vectors

  • Multi-Function Mode

  • Number of MSI-X Vectors per VF

  • Number of VFs Per PF

  • Option ROM

  • SR-IOV

  • Support RDMA


Complete the following steps to modify extended port patterns.

  1. From the XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Provisioning > Patterns. The Configuration Patterns: Patterns page is displayed.
  2. Click the Category Patterns tab.
  3. Click the Extended Port Patterns vertical tab.
  4. Select the pattern to be modified, and click the Edit icon (Edit icon).
  5. Modify the appropriate fields.

    You can select the settings that you want to include in the category pattern by clicking Include/Exclude settings.

  6. Click Save to the save changes to the current category pattern, or click Save As to save changes in a new category pattern.


The modified category pattern is listed on the Extended Port Patterns tab in the Configuration Patterns: Category Patterns page:
Illustrates the list of customized ports patterns on the Configuration Patterns: Category Patterns page.

From this page, you can also perform the following actions on a selected category pattern: