getinfor command

Use the getinfor command to obtain hardware and software information for the target system through in-band or out-of-band method. By default, the inventory results are saved to an XML file.

getinfor command syntax

OneCli.exe inventory getinfor [<options>]

Table 1. getinfor command specific parameters
Parameter Required/Optional Notes
--device Optional

Default value: all

Displays all of the supported inventory items.

Device name separated by commas or space, such as: system_overview, processes

Gets the inventory information for the specified items.

--ffdc Optional If specified, the inventory application will retrieve the BMC FFDC log.
--hldec Optional Collect the UEFI hidden logs.
--htmlreport Optional If specified, the output results will contain HTML file report.
--proxy Optional

Use proxy to connect to upload server. The format is user:password@host[:port].

For IPv6 address, the format is socks5://user:password@[IPv6]:port.

--smm Optional

If specified, the inventory application will only get the information for a remote SMM.

The format is user:password@IP. For the IPv6 address, the format is user:password@[IPv6].

--upload Optional

This parameter can be specified with the following arguments: lenovo and server address.

If specified with lenovo, the format is: --upload lenovo. The inventory data is uploaded to Lenovo Upload Facility. Users should specify the case number, or specify both machine type and serial number.

If specified with server address, the format is: --upload server address. The inventory data is uploaded to the target server. The supported protocols include: TFTP, FTP, and SFTP.

If not specified, no inventory data will be uploaded.



SFTP connection information. Format: user:password@IP[port][dir/]. The address is used to save FFDC logs for VMWare ESXi.

  • --bmc, -b

  • --bmc-cim-port, -p

  • --bmc-password, -w

  • --bmc-username, -u

  • --check-trust, -C

  • --config

  • --nolog

  • --never-check-trust, -N

  • --output, -o


Refer to Table 2.

inventory example

This is an example of the inventory application and the getinfor command using XClarity Essentials OneCLI.

OneCli.exe inventory getinfor --output d:\onecli\inventory --htmlreport --ffdc --upload lenovo