Technical overview

Lenovo XClarity Essentials UpdateXpress (hereafter referred to as the UpdateXpress application) can be used to acquire and apply UpdateXpress System Packs (UXSP) and individual updates to the local or remote system. The UpdateXpress application acquires and deploys UpdateXpress System Pack (UXSP) update packages and individual updates. UXSPs contain firmware and device driver updates.

The following section briefly introduces the four main functions of the UpdateXpress application. For more information, see Using the UpdateXpress application.
Updating the local server
Update the local machine currently running the UpdateXpress application. The machine type is detected and updates are acquired and automatically applied.
Updating a remote server
Update the remote machine by the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) running on the machine. Users need a Simple File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server to transfer the updates to the target remote machine.
Creating a repository of updates
Choose one or more machine types for which updates are acquired from the Lenovo Support Web site. Updates are downloaded to the folder specified, but no updates are applied. Users can later use the UpdateXpress application to apply those updates by indicating that updates should be obtained from the folder specified rather than from the Lenovo Support Web site.
Remote RAID Configuration
Configure RAID array using BMC service.